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The Real Estate Way to Wealth and Freedom

The Real Estate Way to Wealth and Freedom will air 2 days a week, on Monday and Friday mornings.  One weekly episode will be an interview based podcast, in which we’ll host some of the world’s most successful real estate investors.  The other weekly episode with be a short episode of actionable real estate investing tips with myself.

We’ll begin each show with an introduction from our guest, and learn about their background, why they got started in real estate investing, and explore their particular strategy.

We’ll get into the details of their current projects, and learn from real life scenarios.

We’ll ask our guest to share some of their great investments, and not so great investments so that we can learn from their mistakes and share their successes.

We talk about the importance of building teams, and how each of them has built a team that has contributed to their success.

Lastly, we’ll ask the guest to share their reasons why – this is, what motivates and drives them to do what they do.

To wrap up each episode, we’ll have a lightning round, in which we’ll ask the guest a series of questions, so that they can part their wisdom with us.


Why I created the podcast

I consider real estate the best investment class available and I’m a huge proponent of investing for cash flow. People are truly interested in their future. However, many people don’t know where to start and have countless reasons, excuses, and fears that prevent them from ever getting started.

So, I set out to create this show for to solve those issues and provide value to people where I can. I want to help people realize the many benefits that come with real estate investing. It’s often said the best hedge against risk is education, and I fully believe that. I want to provide the education necessary to get started with your real estate investing journey, and support you with actionable content and resources. After all, I realize that you’re here for you, and not me and that’s where I want to focus of the show to be.


About me

I graduated from college, and immediately went into the field of engineering.  While I like my profession, it leaves me wanting more at times.

I like the idea of being in control of my success and future. Working for someone else, will always have less of that than I want.

I also realize that there are only so many hours in the day that I can sell to someone else in exchange for a paycheck. So I started searching for a vehicle that would allow me the freedom to work on my own terms, and allow me to scale to my true potential. I started listening to podcasts and came across several real estate investing shows, a couple of which I credit helping me start my real estate investing journey.

Soon enough, I started investing in real estate and have since realized the freedom and fulfillment it brings. You see, to me, real estate investing is just the vehicle that allows me to life a life I want. It provides me with stability, flexibility, and ultimately, more time to do the things in this life that bring me happiness.

I have studied real estate through many different avenues, from hundreds of hours to podcasts, to dozens of books, and online communities, to doing my very own deals and learning from my own personal experiences.

I have learned a lot from others and I’m inspired to continue that flow of information. I want each of you to pursue your dreams. I want you to follow your calling in life and live a life of fulfillment. I’m here to show you how to do that with the help of real estate investing.

If this sounds the least bit interesting to you, I invite you to follow along and kick start your journey to financial freedom through real estate investing.

You can do this by subscribing in iTunes. If you enjoyed the show and this content, I invite you to leave a rating and review.

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