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CARES Act Impacts to Investors with Damion Lupo

Damion Lupo is a serial entrepreneur, professional real estate investor, financial mentor, eQRP® expert speaker, the Yokido Founder, a 5th Degree Black Belt, creator of Black Belt Wealth, host of Financial Underdogs Podcast, and best-selling author in personal finance such as the Maverick Mistakes in Real Estate Investing, The Quick & Dirty Guide to Gold & Silver, and more. His mission is to free 1 million from financial bondage. Damion is committed to guiding people to Financial Freedom & Financial Reinvention. Focuses on the Retirement System and teaches about the eQRP, a tool to design retirement.


  1. How to take control of your financial future
  2. How the CARES Act impacts real estate investors
  3. Retirement account disbursements, withdrawals, and more
  4. Investing your retirement account without paying taxes
  5. Reasons to rollover 401k into another qualified retirement plan
  6. Pros and cons of rolling over your money from 401k or IRA
  7. The eQRP and how it works
  8. Roth vs. Traditional contributions
  9. How to convert your retirement account into an eQRP
  10. The impact of media in today’s crisis


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