Out of State Investing with Lauren Hardy

Lauren Hardy is a real estate investor with a “People First” approach to business. Investing in hundreds of properties in her career, Lauren has the unique reputation of being a successful “virtual investor” having not lived in many of the states she’s invested in. Lauren has been able to persevere in extremely competitive markets by constantly following the market changes and being flexible and willing to move market territories when needed. She currently lives in Southern California with her two daughters but invests in properties all over the country.


  1. Out of State Virtual Investing
  2. How to find the right market to invest in out of state
  3. Common mistakes in choosing a market
  4. The Rent to Price Ratio Indicator
  5. The Hurdles of Investing Out of State
  6. The 4 Quadrants of the Real Estate Cycle 


1. What was your biggest hurdle getting started in real estate investing, and how did you overcome it?

  • FEAR and overcome it by making herself COMFORTABLE.

2. Do you have a personal habit that contributes to your success?

  • Eat clean and healthy, get good sleep, waking up early, exercise, reading personal development and business books, and listening to podcasts.

3. Do you have an online resource that you find valuable?

  • Podcasts

4. What book would you recommend to the listeners and why?

5. If you were to give advice to your 20-year-old self to get started in real estate investing, what would it be?

  • Don’t worry and take more risks. Just go and try stuff.


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