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How to Value Cash Flow with Ryan Smith


Ryan Smith brings with him more than fifteen years of extensive business experience in market evaluation, property analysis, management systems, due diligence, finance, and more. Mr. Smith and his affiliates co-manage multiple investment funds, which specialize in investing in manufactured home communities (MHCs), and participates in the ownership and/or management of over 20,000 MHC lots.

Ryan graduated from the University of Tampa with a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science. An athlete, he was highly recruited for both baseball and basketball and was drafted as a senior in high school by the Baltimore Orioles, and again in college by the Anaheim Angels. Ryan pursued his athletic talents by playing baseball throughout his college experience.

His foresight and ability to communicate the state of the marketplace has propelled him to be a featured commentator alongside the likes of Mayor Rudy Giuliani, General Colin Powell, and other notable individuals. He currently is on the board of Young Life College – UCF and is a member of the Advisory Board for the National Christian Foundation’s Orlando chapter. Ryan lives in Orlando with his wife and two children.


  1. Why it is nearly impossible to earn yourself rich
  2. Cash flow vs. the value of cash flow
  3. Wealth creates income; income doesn’t create wealth
  4. Focus on the lesser-taxed part of the income equation
  5. Successful syndication secrets
  6. The incredible value of a stigma – mobile home parks


What was your biggest hurdle getting started in real estate investing, and how did you overcome it?

  • The biggest hurdles are what you don’t know. Ryan used his resourcefulness to clear many of those hurdles, and built relationships with people who he could look to for help.

Do you have a personal habit that contributes to your success?

  • Ryan is a believer in taking the next best step.

Do you have an online resource that you find valuable?

  • Drudge Report

What book would you recommend to the listeners and why?

If you were to give advice to your 20-year-old self to get started in real estate investing, what would it be?

  •  Go forward and listen to this exact podcast.


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