Dollars Over Doors with Christian Montalvo

Christian Montalvo is a real estate investor and house hacker extraordinaire. She’s a mom to two young boys and lives in Dallas-Fort Worth where she and her husband invest in small multifamily properties. Outside of working her full-time job and building a real estate empire, Christian loves to spend time with her family, travel, exercise, read, and study real estate investing.


  1. Getting started with House Hacking
  2. Lessons learned from 3 house hacks
  3. Buying small multifamily properties in a hot market
  4. Doors versus Dollars mentality
  5. Being opportunistic and patient in your investing journey
  6. Rack and Stack Mode
  7. The importance of accountability and networking
  8. Pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone



Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss


 You Need More Money book by Matt Manero

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