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223: Mindset Matters – Friday Fundamentals

Mindset Matters

As humans, we are constantly looking for ways to improve, grow, expand, learn new things, experience new places, and overall become better people. Look at how our world has changed in the past couple hundred years. There are two famous pictures that show just how fast people, technology and times can change. These two pictures were taken of the Easter Day Parade on 5th Avenue in New York City – one in 1900 and the other in 1913. The 1900 Easter Day Parade shows 5th Ave. lined with horse-drawn carriages, with one lone automobile. The 1913 Easter Day Parade on the same 5th Ave. looks wildly different with automobiles lined up and down the street. The comparison of these two photos shows how much things can change in just a short amount of time.

Much credit is given to Henry Ford for the early innovation of the automobile. If it weren’t for Henry Ford’s expansionary vision to make automobiles available to the masses by way of assembly line mass production, fair labor wages, and many more innovative ideas that are still in around today, our world may have looked much different than it does.

The Abundance Mentality

An abundance mentality is responsible for most, if not all, of our society’s biggest accomplishments. From Henry Ford’s Model T, to the United States’ space exploration and so much more, these great feats were ones of abundance, expansionary, and creative mentalities. The same is true in your own life. Anything you’ve accomplished is probably due to that same abundance mindset. Here are a few perspectives one can take with an abundance mentality.

  1. Health, wealth, happiness, and success are not zero-sum games. In other words, if you become happier, that doesn’t mean that someone else is less happy. If you become more wealthy, that doesn’t mean someone else becomes less wealthy. We can all become more happy, healthy, wealthy, etc. These things are abundant and you can have as much of them as you want.
  2. Personal finance and wealth. There’s a lot of advice out there about how to save money, cut costs, and budget your way to wealth and eventually retire. Frankly, one cannot save their way to wealth. You can only save so much of your money, no matter how much you earn or have. That path to wealth will always be capped. Let’s say you earn $50,000 per year. How much of that could you realistically save – 10%, 20%, or 50%? Let’s just say you could save 100% of your $50,000 per year salary. Great, now you have $50,000. That’s all and nothing more. It would be impossible for you to grow any more and accumulate $51,000 in that year. Rather than trying to save your way to wealth, it is possible to grow your way to wealth. There is no ceiling to how much you can grow, earn, create, and make.
  3. Happiness. There is so much in your life to be happy and grateful for. You have so many opportunities, resources, and people around you to do whatever it is you want in this life.

It’s natural to have a scarcity mentality around some things. I don’t think that our evolutionary biology has caught up with just how abundant our world really is. It’s natural to perceive some things as scarce. Remind yourself that the only scarce thing in life is the abundance mindset.

You are capable of anything you put your mind to. There isn’t a limit or ceiling to your success, your happiness, health, wealth, or anything else. Live your life abundantly. Think, act, grow, learn, and care abundantly. Your abundance mindset will help you reach your potential and ultimately live the life you want.


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