202: Crowdfunding and FinTech with Mark Roderick

Mark Roderick is one of the leading Crowdfunding and Fintech lawyers in the United States. Expanding on his in-depth knowledge of capital-raising and securities law.

Mark represents many portals and other players in the Crowdfunding field. He writes a widely read blog, crowdfundattny.com, which provides readers with a wealth of legal and practical information for portals, issuers, and investors.

He also speaks at Crowdfunding events across the country and represents industry participants across the country and around the world.

Key Points

  1. Crowdfunding – what it is and how it relates to real estate
  2. Comparing and contrasting crowdfunding and syndication
  3. How much money you can raise and who you can raise money from
  4. Title 2, Title 3, & Title 4 crowdfunding – what to know
  5. Predictions of how technology will impact real estate investing in the future


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