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172: Break Away Mindset with Greg McCluskey

Greg McCluskey is a professional real estate investor with over 21 years of experience. At a young age, his father instilled within him the importance of family, education and entrepreneurship.

He started his real estate training after graduating college where he worked for Franklin Covey for 3 years. With limited experience, he purchased three properties in a span of 30 days each returning a hefty profit $88,000, $76,000 and $74,000. This allowed him to quit his job and go on to build several successful businesses such as: a construction company, mortgage brokerage, real estate consulting company, development company and dealt with multiple investments in numerous real estate properties and construction projects.

In 2004, Greg was able to flip a total of 104 homes in the Salt Lake area. His success allowed him to expand his business to Arizona, Idaho, Nevada and Massachusetts. His business was involved with over $175 million in real estate. This allowed him to spend quality time with his children where they traveled often together.

In 2008, Greg was hit hard by the real estate meltdown. He lost everything; except the people whom he cared for the most, his Children. Their unconditional love and support inspired Greg to use his knowledge and expertise to bounce back and rise above his struggles despite having no money and credit.

Greg just exited a project in 2018 controlling over 1,000,000 sq. ft. of residential and commercial real estate in and around Dayton, OH; in addition to 57 properties flipped in the Columbus, OH market.

Greg has built a new business, Breakaway Training LLC, where he provides an affordable solution for people interested in learning and mastering valuable skills in real estate without breaking the bank to get an education.

Key Points

  1. From rags to riches to rags
  2. From picking up his first Carlton Sheets course to flipping homes
  3. Greg has learned everything he knows in business from coaching girls soccer
  4. Finding flip properties in foreclosure

Lightning Questions

  1. What was your biggest hurdle getting started in real estate investing, and how did you overcome it?
    • Mindset. Greg improved his mindset by reading books, focusing on positive thinking.
  2. Do you have a personal habit that contributes to your success?
    • Reading. Greg also wakes up everyday with faith and expectations.
  3. Do you have an online resource that you find valuable?
    • Google
  4. What book would you recommend to the listeners and why?
  5. If you were to give advice to your 20 year old self to get started in real estate investing, what would it be?
    • Go get your first property. Just do it. Don’t wait. Find a mentor and follow that person.


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