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138: Foreclosures – Friday Fundamentals

Jay’s 5 Step Foreclosure System

  1. Build and track your foreclosure system – Jay reviews records twice a week at the local courthouse
  2. Build a direct mail campaign
  3. Analyze property and get an inspection
  4. Control the deal in 1 of many different ways (i.e. – subject to, seller financing, private money, lease option to purchase, traditional financing, etc.)
  5. Exit the property  (wholesale, rehab and retail on the MLS, sell on rent-to-own, or lease option)


  • Seller with debt relief
  • Private lender on secured ROI
  • New buyer gets a home
  • Lastly, you, the investor

Resources for special pricing to Jay’s Live Event Oct. 10th, 11th, and 12th


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