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068: Mind, Body, & Spirit – Friday Fundamentals

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With the upcoming new year, many are focused on improvement – from physical, to mental and spiritual. People will set out with the “New year, new me” mentality, only to make it half way through January before reverting back to their old ways.

Today’s episode will touch briefly on three different areas that will help make you a better rounded person, while pushing you towards your goals. These are Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Your mind is a powerful thing. Give it enough attention, and it will single-handedly take you to new heights. Your mind is like a muscle, you must exercise it to keep in in shape. Many successful people credit morning routines to keeping their minds in sharp. Developing habits like reading, meditating, and uninterrupted thought will  help you keep your mind in peak shape. I personally try to make a point to read daily (non-fiction, self-help, personal finance, leadership, real estate investing, etc.), along with meditate using a cool app called Headspace.

Your body is as equally important as your mind. Without it, you have nothing. Simply keeping your body running isn’t enough. If you can get your body to operate in a peak level of performance, you’ll be much better equipped to do the things you need to. Starting your morning with a couple small exercises will get your blood flowing, an wake you up. Personally, I have found doing pull ups and push ups will get my heart rate up and have me feeling ready to take on the day. That is of course, if I don’t go to the gym first thing for a full workout.

Spirit is a complex thing, and means different things to different people. It can be practicing your religion for some, or deep thought / soul searching for others. To me, working on your spirit means doing whatever makes you feel rewarded and grateful. That could be volunteering, teaching, or even taking care of others.

If you can improve around each of these three pillars – mind, body, and soul – taking on day to day tasks to larger endeavors, will become easier.

With the new year approaching, consider ways to improve around each of these three pillars. Take care of yourself first, and your other affairs will begin to fall in place.

So get out there and make 2018 your year.


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