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034: Continuous Improvement – Friday Fundamentals

“We cannot become what we need by remaining what we are.”  ― John C. Maxwell

Throughout life, you’re faced with countless decisions every day. Some are minor, and others are much more impactful on your life. Decisions range from hitting the snooze on you alarm clock, what to eat for lunch, when to go to sleep, what to wear, to consciously setting aside time to plan your day, think about your next step in your career, make plans to take on a new challenge.

All of these decisions have an impact on your life, but some are much more important than others. Yes, if you choose the bacon over oatmeal, I’m sure you’ll have some spikes in your cholesterol. Now what about those decisions that can have a domino effect in your life? Those are the decisions I want to talk about today – decisions which will improve yourself from the day before.

Throughout this life, you will grow as your experience new things, and make certain decisions that impact your life. It’s up to you to map out that growth by focusing on those decisions that have an impact on your tomorrow.

It’s hard to think about the task ahead when looking at where you eventually want to be. But if you focus on continuously improving each day, then you’ll make that huge gap from where you are now, to where you want to be seem much more achievable each and every day.

No one was born with the knowledge, experience, skill, passion, or whatever is they have today. People accrue these things by continuously working towards them.

Think about yourself. You weren’t born with what you know today. You didn’t even know last year what you know today. Think about that trajectory in the next 1 year, 5 years, and even 50 years. Imagine what your life will look like if you just continue to improve every day.

I know you’re already focusing on improving and learning every day because you’re taking the action to listen to this podcast, and that’s great!

I encourage you to continuously better yourself. Never quit learning. Take on new challenges that will force you to grow. Focus on being better today, than you were yesterday, and one day you’ll look back and thank yourself.


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