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023: Hard Money with Daniel Roca

Daniel Roca a real estate and finance professional with a diverse background. Throughout his career he’s had the experience of looking at business opportunities from different perspectives: firstly as a corporate lawyer, then as a corporate lender and lastly as real estate lending professional. He is currently employed at Zeus Mortgage Bank, a Houston-based mortgage and crowdfunding provider of home-equity loans and mortgages to individual consumers. The Houston Business Journal and Inc. magazine placed Zeus Mortgage Bank on the list of the fastest-growing companies in the United States.

Daniel holds an MBA from Rice University – Jones Graduate School of Business, a post graduate diploma in Corporate Finance from Universidad Iberoamericana and an undergraduate degree in Law from Universidad Anahuac Norte. He has lived in Venezuela, Mexico, Saudi Arabia and the US. He currently resides in Houston, Texas.

 Key Points

  1. What is hard money?
  2. The benefits of hard money lending
  3. Differences in hard money loans and traditional bank financing
  4. When and how to use hard money loans
  5. How to use a hard money lender as your partner
  6. Loan scenario



The Real Estate Game by William Poorvu

Real Estate Law & Asset Protection for Texas Real Estate Investors by David Willis

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