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019: Analyzing Deals and Making Offers with Michael Blank

Michael Blank is a serial entrepreneur. He has a Master’s Degree in Computer Science and spent several years working for larger companies including AOL, Michael joined a software startup and was involved with a taking the company public. Michael then opened up a number of pizza restaurants, before he finally started investing in apartment building. Michael and his asset management partners control over $58 million of real estate assets. Michael is a passionate coach who loves to help people do their first deal. He’s also the host of the popular Apartment Investing Podcast.

Lightning Round

  1. What was your biggest hurdle getting started in real estate investing, and how did you overcome it? Lack of money. In turn, Michael learned to raise money.
  2. Do you have a personal habit that contributes to your success? Michael follows Hal Elrod’s Miracle Morning routine.
  1. Do you have a favorite online resource? BiggerPockets and
  1. What book would you recommend to the listeners and why? Lifeonaire by Steve Cook
  1. If you were to give advice to your 20 year old self, what would it be? Urge to find opportunities that allow you to be an entrepreneur.


 Key Points

  1. Making offers quickly and confidently
  2. Getting started with multifamily investing



Michael’s Reasons Why

Michael has had a certain amount of personal success in life, and now wants to build a life of significance. He’s looking to expand how he can make a difference in the world. When people are trying to find their purpose, money often gets in the way. Michael wants to teach people how to earn passive income, which will allow them to life a life of significance.

Future Goals

Michael wants to help people do their first deal and coach people to buy 1000 units this year!


Lifeonaire by Steve Cook

Syndicated Deal Analyzer

The 10 Minute Offer ebook

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