118: Time Management- Friday Fundamentals

n today’s day and age, everyone and everything is jockeying for our attention – and rightfully so. There are a lot of things out there that warrant your attention. The problem is you only have so much time.

117: Young Gun Leverage with Tyler Hassman

As a finalist for Canadian Real Estate Wealth’s 2017 Young Gun of the Year and nominee of the 2018 Saskatchewan Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Tyler Hassman is no stranger to real estate and entrepreneurship, even if he’s 21 years old. His drive and entrepreneurship have given Tyler the tools he needs to succeed in…

116: Solve Big Problems – Friday Fundamentals

People often underestimate what problems they’re capable of solving.  We can have a hard time visualizing how to develop and build solutions to our biggest challenges. We can even have a hard time identifying what our biggest problems are.

115: Millennial Millions with Chris Salazar

Chris J. Salazar knows how to create success. From humble beginnings, Chris completed his first real estate deal at the age of 20. By the age of 22, he built a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio. A year later, Chris continues to grow his investment firm and enjoys helping others create success and building the…

114: Create Your Own Reality- Friday Fundamentals

If you’re like anything like me, you were raised with the blueprint to go to school, get a good education, go to college, and get a job. This is a common path for the middle class. It’s one that works. It’s proven. If you take this path, chances are you’ll live a comfortable life earning…