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The Real Estate Way to Wealth and Freedom Podcast

060: How to Raise Funds Legally with Amy Wan


Amy Wan is the Founder & CEO of Bootstrap Legal. She is an attorney who specializes in real estate syndication and crowdfunding for entrepreneurs across the globe. Her mission is to democratize access to legal counsel and capital.

Previously, she was a Partner at Trowbridge Sidoti LLP ( where she practiced crowdfunding and syndication law, and was General Counsel at Patch of Land, a real estate marketplace lending and crowdfunding platform. Amy is also Founder and Co-Organizer of Legal Hackers LA and served as a Presidential Management Fellow.

Key Points

Differences in syndication and crowdfunding
General SEC regulations
Regulation A+ vs. Regulation CF
ABN – Always Be Networking

BootStrap Legal

Contact Amy

BootStrap Legal: (330) 269-9260

059: Being Thankful – Friday Fundamentals


With Thanksgiving yesterday, many of us are coming out of our food coma and reflecting on spending a great day with friends and family. I want to thank those who weren’t able to spend time with their families because they are protecting yours, mine, and theirs. Many of us have so much to be thankful…

058: Massive Action and Positive Perspectives with Vinney Chopra


There’s a reason Vinney’s nickname is “Mr. Smiles”, which is evident even through just hearing the demeanor in his voice throughout this show! He has always believed in individuals’ ability to shape the world around them through positive thought and selfless actions, and he has been a passionate motivational speaker and teacher for over three decades.

057: Limiting Beliefs – Friday Fundamentals


Our lives are made up of countless experiences. Our mind processes each of these experiences and then creates a story around that particular experience – either positive or negative. This story is what sticks with us and becomes a belief.

056: Creative Financing with Martin Orefice


Martin Orefice is a real estate investor who specializes in creative real estate. With over 12 years of experience, he understands the rent to own process from every perspective as the buyer, seller and investor.

055 – Be a Problem Solver- Friday Fundamentals


Be a problem solver. As a real estate investor, it’s your job to be a problem solver, above anything else.

054: From a Duplex to 2,000+ Units with Ivan Barratt


Ivan Barratt is a multifamily owner and syndicator who specializes in FHA and Agency financed projects. Since 2010, Ivan Barratt has raised over 20 million in equity, acquired over 1200 units and grown BAM to a best-in- class management company.

053: Positive Perspective – Friday Fundamentals


  All too often real estate investing is painted as sunshine and rainbows. However, this is not the case. When investing in real estate, you eat a lot of punches. You’ll experience a lot of objections and hurdles. If you can learn to duck as many of those punches as possible, and learn to eat…

052: Finding Your Purpose with Damion Lupo


Damion Lupo’s real estate investing career began almost 20 years ago when he bought his first rental income property with a Visa card and a $6,000 cash advance. Damion went to every seminar he could find and did everything the coaches told him and still ended up almost declaring bankruptcy because he was doing the…

051: Learn to Raise Money – Friday Fundamentals


This episode is all about learning to raise money and understanding how to use other people’s money to grow your real estate portfolio.

"This podcast offers a great perspective for people who are just getting started in real estate investing. I HIGHLY recommend it!"

- Nathan B.

Houston, TX

"Don't pass this podcast up! I was unsure about adding another podcast to my library, but this one has proven to be invaluable in my investing journey!"

- Ernest D.

La Porte,  Texas

"I've tried my hand at stocks, and let's just say it didn't go as well as I planned. This podcast has helped me realize the multiple benefits of real estate investing. I just wish I would have started sooner!"

- Jonathan C.

Enid, OK

Jacob and his guests share actionable and inspiring lesson on how to become a better real estate investor and (more importantly) a better overall person. Highly recommend listening and subscribing if you want the knowledge AND mindsets to reach your overall business goals (and achieve financial freedom as a result)!

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