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Creating Value for Our Investors and Communities for our residents

Find and Analyze Deals

We identify under-performing assets with value-add opportunities. 100:30:10:1 - on average, for every 100 opportunities, we perform detailed underwriting on 30, submit offers on 10, and acquire 1.

Acquire and Stabilize

We work with our capital partners to raise funds for the acquisition. Our capital partners then have the majority of equity and cash flows in every deal.

Add Value

We implement our proven value-add strategies to increase the income and decrease expenses by improving operational efficiencies, therefore forcing appreciation of the property.

Manage and Exit

Once we have executed our business model, we look to re-position the property and return capital to our investors by either selling or refinancing.

Our Investment Strategy

As value-add investors, we look for opportunities to increase income and decrease expenses, increasing our bottom line and forcing appreciation. We do this by identifying under-performing assets, implementing our value-add business model, holding the asset throughout that cycle, and finally re-positioning the asset to realize the value we’ve created by either selling or refinancing.

7 Step Process
OKC Skyline

Our Markets

We invest in emerging markets with strong apartment fundamentals across Oklahoma and Texas. We look for:

Employment Drivers 

  • Decreasing unemployment rate
  • Increasing job numbers
  • Job diversity


  • Population growth & age

Supply & Demand

  • Vacancy rates
  • Growing median rents 
  • New building permits


Portfolio at a Glance


Portfolio Value

Ayers Acquisitions has a well-leveraged portfolio of small multifamily properties across Oklahoma and Texas

Apartment Units

Having scaled from a single family home, to now a portfolio of 8 rental units.


Value Created

By purchasing quality, cash-flowing assets in desirable submarkets, we have been able to create equity and scale our portfolio.

Our Team

Jacob Ayers Head Shot

Jacob Ayers

Managing Partner

Jacob Ayers is a real estate investor, entrepreneur, and podcast host with a background in engineering. He started investing in real estate in 2015 and has scaled his portfolio through multifamily acquisitions. Jacob has had opportunities to learn from some of the smartest people he's found and has practiced applying what he's learned from them.

Jacob leads all acquisitions for Ayers Acquisitions and oversees the business plan for every asset acquired.


Vinney (Mr. Smiles) Chopra


Vinney is a Multifamily Investor, Syndicator, Educator, Motivator, Podcaster and Author. His diverse experience has allowed him to gain sharp insight into acquisition, syndication and property management of multifamily properties. He has developed proven techniques and strategies for multifamily syndications that have earned impressive returns for his investors and his companies over his 35+ year career. Vinney owns and manages a $400M portfolio of over 4,000 apartments across the U.S.


Get In Touch

At Ayers Acquisitions, we love what we do. We’re happy to talk about opportunities, answer any questions, and build lasting relationships.

- Jacob Ayers

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