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096: The 5 Pillars of Real Estate – Friday Fundametals

Getting started investing in real estate can be a mental challenge for some people. There are people who know they want to invest in real estate, but get caught up in the weeds looking at only one page of the book. So with that, today we’re going to paint a full picture of how real estate investing can benefit you, and provide you with some points to focus on.

095: Top 10 Lessons Learned with Jacob Ayers

Welcome to episode 95! To date, we’ve had so many great guests on the podcast from big time investors like Rod Khleif, Vinney Chopra, Ivan Barratt, Joe Fairless, & Brian Burke to thought leaders like Keith Weinhold, Damion Lupo, and Ben Leybovich, young guns Lane Kawaoka and BiggerPockets Vice President, Scott Trench, to professional capital raisers, Rich Dad Advisor, Darren Weeks, and David Thompson.

Each of these guests have shared with us their journey, background, and invaluable lessons they’ve learned. There are some common qualities, actions, advice, and paths we’ve learned from every one of these real estate professionals. We’re going to highlight some of these and break then down into a step by step guide to get you started investing in real estate, and grow your portfolio.

094: Unlocking Capital – Friday Fundamentals

No matter how much money one has, at some point they will run out of their own money to invest in real estate. It happens to everyone, both big time investors, and first time house hackers. The difference in those who continue to grow their real estate empire and those who don’t or can’t, is the ability to execute creative financing or use other people’s money by raising capital.

093: Using Partnerships to Scale with Edna Keep

Edna Keep, a former financial adviser, has built a real estate portfolio to over 437 doors with a value of $47 million over the past nine years. All except the first two properties were bought with the help of other people’s money.

Edna, along with her husband, Warren, an own 14 doors personally and the rest with joint venture partners. Most of these partners are passive investors looking for a great rate of return without being actively involved in generating it.

092: Learn-Do Ratio – Friday Fundamentals

Life if full of choices. There are countless paths you can take. There are even many different paths you can take that will lead to the same destination. As with anything else, life is a balance of paths. When taking on a new challenge, you are faced with what I like to call the Learn-Do…