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128: Lifestyle Engineering – Friday Fundamentals

When you were young, your parents probably told you when you grow up you can be anything you want to be and do anything you want to do. If you are anything like me, you dreamed of what that freedom would look like. For me, I was going to be an astronaut and explore space. I hung posters on my wall of Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins. I had memorabilia and toys. Eventually those thoughts of being an astronaut faded and I moved on to other things.

127: Commercial Financing with John Matheson

John Matheson is the CEO of Commercial Loan Success, a software and education platform designed to help small business owners and property investors make more informed financing decisions.John is also the managing member of J. Healy Development, LLC. The company specializes in developing new projects
into sustainable properties.

126: How You Enter the Pool – Friday Fundamentals

There are two ways one can enter a pool. You can take the stairs into the shallow end… or, you can cannonball the deep end. I find that these are the same two approaches to achieving your goals, whatever those may be.

125: All Things Private Money with Jay Conner

Jay Conner has been buying and selling houses for 14 years and has been involved in over 52 Million dollars in  transactions. For the past 7 years, Jay has completely automated his 7-Figure Income Business to where he works in his business less than 10 hours per week. He is a leading expert on Private…

124: Busy vs. Productive – Friday Fundamentals

We often confuse being busy with being productive. Being busy simply means you are filling the hours of your day with things. Being productive, means you are accomplishing the important things you need to. These two things can sometime be hard to distinguish. In order to do so, you must first audit your time.