144: Automation – Friday Fundamentals

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Real estate investing offers many benefits. One, and possibly the most important, is the ability to be passive. Passive income is a bit overstated in many cases. Even though receiving rental income seems passive, there are many things that go into cashing that rent check – education, analyzing properties, managing expenses, etc.

However, real estate investing allows you to build systems and processes to automate certain tasks. Listen as we dive into automation strategies, that allow you to work on your business, rather than work in your business.

Key Points

  1. Wealth doesn’t matter if you don’t have freedom
  2. Why automation is important
  3. How to automate your business
  4. Dictate, delegate, & disappear

4 Steps to Automate Your Business

  1. Do what you love to do, and outsource the rest.
  2. Select a team – from virtual assistants to general contractors.
  3. Automate – delegate to your team and leverage technology.
  4. Do deals! Put the automation in action.


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