109: Creative Real Estate with Adam Adams

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Creative Real Estate expert, Adam Adams started investing in real estate through Tax Deeds in 2005, became a property manager 2006 and then started a remodeling company. In 2008 Adam bought his first multi family apartment building. Adam has managed several fix & flips over the last couple of years, but has experienced the best results through apartment investing. Adam’s claim to fame is his ability to negotiate win-win scenarios through structuring creative ways to buy and sell real estate. Adam is host of the Creative Real Estate Podcast.

Key Points

  1. Tax Deeds
  2. Getting started in Mutlifamily through property management
  3. Being relentless and not letting “no’s” stop you
  4. Partnering up to level up
  5. Using Meetup groups to network

Lightning Questions

  1. What was you biggest hurdle getting started investing in real estate and how did you overcome it?
    • Limiting beliefs. Adam was able to overcome these limiting beliefs by thinking outside of the box.
  2. Do you have a personal habit that contributes to your success?
    • Adam believes  he can accomplish anything
  3. Do you have an online resource that you find valuable?
  4. What book would you recommend to the listeners and why?
  5. If you were to give advice to your 20 year old self to  get started in real estate investing, what would it be?
    • 2008 is not the time to stop buying.


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