083: Negotiate Anything with Kwame Christian

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Kwame Christian Esq., M.A. is a business lawyer and he’s passionate about teaching business professionals like you how to negotiate and be more persuasive.  Kwame works with people to improve their persuasive communication skills and conflict resolution abilities. Improving these skills will lead to financial gain, career advancement, and increased confidence in difficult conversations.

Kwame has had the privilege of being invited to speak all around the country and have been invited to be a guest expert on over 30 radio shows and podcasts, both domestically and internationally.

The American Negotiation Institute also produces the show “Negotiate Anything,” the top ranked negotiation podcast on iTunes. The show has been downloaded over 200,000 times and has listeners in 140 different countries.

Key Points

  1. The importance of negotiation
  2. Overcoming the psychology (read: fear) of negotiating
  3. Becoming comfortable with rejection
  4. Competence brings confidence
  5. Asking open ended questions (who, what when, where, why, how) to dig deeper


Ultimate Negotiation Guide

Negotiate Anything podcast

Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert Cialdini


Email: kwame@kchristianlaw.com

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