078: Becoming Comfortable with Uncomfortable – Friday Fundamentals

Being uncomfortable is…. well, uncomfortable. There are different types of discomfort, from the kind you feel when you’re being pulled to the top of a roller coaster with that impending drop to the bottom, to that feeling in your gut when you’re asking your boss for a raise and your palms are sweaty.

Being uncomfortable is natural. It’s human nature to always be on the look out for danger. This nature is why you get uncomfortable when trying something new. You’re not sure what dangers are hidden. However, it’s in this stage of discomfort that you grow and experience new things.

“Move out of your comfort zone. You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new.” – Brian Tracy

We, as humans, naturally avoid feelings of discomfort. If something is uncomfortable for us, we immediately begin to make ourselves comfortable by fixing the problem, removing ourselves from it, or anything else that will get us back to that feeling of comfort and safety.

If you’re ever going to do something new and especially bold, you’ll probably be uncomfortable. For example, buying your first rental property, going to that first real estate meetup, submitting your very first offer on a property, or closing on the biggest deal you’ve ever done area all things that will make you uncomfortable.

Relish in these times of discomfort. They’re signs you are growing and taking on new things.

Become comfortable with being uncomfortable. Understand it’s just a feeling,that will eventually pass. You’ll eventually become comfortable with the things that initially make you a bit nervous.

Continue to take on new challenges outside of your comfort zone. Never become complacent.

Many people rarely push themselves to a point of discomfort, and therefore don’t grow. They don’t take chances on new things or create new experiences.

Eventually being comfortable will be uncomfortable because you’ll realize you’re not pushing yourself. So get out there and do something outside your comfort zone. Take on new challenges. Build new things. Launch that product. Buy that property. Start that business. Take that course. Travel to that new place. Whatever you do, stay uncomfortable.

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