077: Building Businesses to Fund Investments with Mark Ferguson

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Mark Ferguson’s purpose is to help as many people as he can become financially free through real estate.

Mark Ferguson is a real estate agent, real estate investor, author and the creator of Investfourmore.com. Mark’s real estate team sells hundred of homes a year, he has flipped over 100 houses, owns 16 rental properties and has written five books. Investfourmore.com is a real estate blog with over 300,000 views a month, over 35,000 subscribers and a wealth of free information.

Historically Mark averages:

  • Over $30,000 profit on each flip he completes
  • Over $8,000 a month income from his rental properties
  • Over $600,000 gross commissions per year on his real estate team
  • Over 200,000 unique visitors to InvestFourMore per month

These returns and profits do not come from secret, unknown, get rich quick schemes. They come from knowing the fundamentals, knowing them better than anyone else, and execution.

Mark has created coaching programs for real estate investors and real estate agents to show them how to make solid investments that will pay off over time. Mark also loves to teach business and time management as he is a proud father of 5 year old twins. With four extremely successful businesses he only works about 40 hours a week. He would work less, but he loves what he does.

Key Points

  1. Expand your goals – success will follow
  2. Building a business to fund investments
  3. Focusing on the highest and best use of your time
  4. Setting goals and finding your reasons why

Lightning Questions

  1. What was your biggest hurdle getting started in real estate investing, and how did you overcome it?
    • Rental properties were difficult for Mark to break into. He first had to focus on the mindset, and then save for the down payment.
  2. Do you have a personal habit that contributes to your success?
    • Mark listened to a lot of self help books, and set goals. Every night Mark reflects on his goals and look at the big picture.
  3. Do you have an online resource that you find valuable?
    • BiggerPockets
    • Investability.com
  4. What book would you recommend to the listeners and why?
  5. If you were to give advice to your 20 year old self to get started in real estate investing, what would it be?
    • Buy houses and make sure you get a good deal!


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