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037: How to Find Deals and Work with Real Estate Agents with Jason Morris


Jason Morris is a real estate investor and agent in South Carolina.

Jason has been involved in real estate in many aspects, from buy and hold investing, condo conversions, flips, and tax liens. Jason is also a full time real estate agent, who specializes in working with investors.

Jason is the author of 53 Strategies To Get More Listings. Throughout his career, Jason has succeeded by being able to find deals through creative channels.


Key Points

  1. Converting apartments to condos
  2. Finding deals through eviction notices
  3. Tax delinquent properties
  4. Finding real estate agents at real estate auctions and real estate meetups


53 Strategies To Get More Listings by Jason Morris

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Jacob Ayers is an entrepreneur, real estate investor, and constant learner of business, self-improvement, time management, real estate investing, and a myriad of other things.

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